This documents is said to be "Terms and conditions", which are binding conditions that exist between the user and the Intermediary. Once the user acknowledges these conditions through entering into the website, it creates the binding obligation for both the user and intermediary.


  • a. The Intermediary provides certain customized services such as "conducting Archana in certain auspicious Temples", Performing Parikaram and Homam and the Analyzing the horoscopes details of its User. The User can only avail these services only through website and shall act according to the privacy policy of the intermediary, which has been displayed on the website.
  • b. The Intermediary shall reserve the right to prevent the user to accessing the website and possess the discretion to accept or refuse or reject the registration process at any stage.
  • c. The intermediary shall not guarantee that the Services shall perform only on the chosen date of the user. It is acceptable fact that each temple might have own set of calendar and customs and the services shall be performed according the temple calendar and customs.
  • d. The intermediary is said to be sole authority to change or alter the service prices at any time. No other party can interfere in this pricing policy or mechanism of the intermediary.


The following are the instructions necessary to read before placing order/registration.

  • a. The user is mandated to read the instruction of the each service and place an order before making payment through available or provided payment modes.
  • b. All the payments are mandated to be paid only in Indian Rupees.
  • c. Once payment has been done, the intermediary shall provide with the proper receipts.
  • d. The intermediary shall not be held liable for any delay /non-delivery of Pooja -Prasadam. The user shall not compel the intermediary to provide the prasadam and it shall be delivered according to the prevailing situations and conditions.


  • a. The intermediary has undertaken reasonable care to provide the secure payment system for its services (AWS Payment System). However, the user must take prudent steps to make proper & safe payment and must provide accurate payment details for secure payment while making purchase on the website.
  • b. The user shall be prohibited to share any information related to secure payment to any third party services unless required by law.
  • c. The user undertakes their payment subject to own risk. In case of any issues, the user shall mandate to inform the IT officials of the intermediary before making any complaint to any other statutory authorities.
  • d. The intermediary shall not be liable for any financial mishap or error occurred directly or indirectly while making payment.
  • e. In case of any damage or loss occurred to the user while making payment, the intermediary shall not be held liable for decline of authorisation for any transaction.


  • a. Once orders placed on the platform, the user shall not allow cancelling the service either through phone call or through website.
  • b. Once orders placed on the platform, the user shall allowed to cancel only with 12 hours of placing the order. If the orders are cancelled within 12 hours, the payment shall be refunded back in total excluding the service charges.
  • c. Once order placed on the platform passes more than 12 hours, the user shall not allow to cancel it and no refunded shall be processed.